Tracking bonus codes

Affiliates use referral links as the only way to track their players. It is not always convenient, but everyone is used to it and it works. What if such a link cannot be used? For example, you are a streamer and afraid that your channel will be banned for advertising, or you are promoting offline and distributing casino flyers.

We use tracking bonus codes. You will receive an individual code word, into which your reflink is already sewn up. This code gives an additional bonus, for example, plus 30 free spins to the standard welcome offer. The player sees it on your channel, on your flyer or on a T-shirt on the street, enters it during registration and is automatically linked to you. This solves two problems. Firstly, no one will post your bonus code on someone else’s resource – this is pointless, since it links players to you. Secondly, you don’t need to use a link. Just pick a short, easy-to-write word, like your nickname. The player will have to enter our domain in the address bar or simply google it – it doesn’t matter whose site the player goes through, it will still remain yours.

To receive a bonus code please write to your affiliate manager or support.