Common Questions

  • What is the Affiliate Program?

    CatAffs Affiliate Program helps you to monetize your gambling traffic. You just need to register a link and you can start right away.

  • Why are we CatAffs?

    We LOVE Cats!

  • RevShare Formula

    Detailed info about RevShare formula you can find by the link

  • Qualification parameters for CPA

    Qualification is a status, which a player gets after he completed qualification requirements. Basic qualification requirements are: FTD (minimal or baseline) and gaming activity in the casino. Important notice, a player won’t be able to qualify if he/she is a multi account (repeatedly created accounts of one player, who already has an account in the casino), self-excluded or blocked. The Affiliate Program reserves the right to modify qualification requirements. We recommend that you clarify qualification requirements with your Affiliate Manager.

  • When I login, the affiliate program asks me about Authentication code, although I didn't set 2FA

    2FA is available in our Affiliate Program due to security reasons. However, 2FA is not necessary but you will see an “Authentication code” field every time, when trying to log in, even if the 2fa is turned off. You can just ignore it.

  • How to become a Partner?

    To become a Partner you need to have a traffic source. Traffic source is any way to attract players to the casino.

  • How to choose a commission? Commission types

    Our standard dynamic RevShare commission is available to all players. We can also work with CPA and Hybrid deals. To set up such deals you need to contact your affiliate manager.

  • How to start working with CPA?

    To start working with CPA payment model you need to specify your traffic sources during registration in the Affiliate program. After that contact an Affiliate Manager or Support to discuss and set a CPA deal.

  • Who is my affiliate manager and how to contact him?

    Affiliate manager will help you with any questions you may have regarding CatAffs Affiliate Program. You can ask any questions you have and we will gladly provide you with all the info. To clarify who is your Affiliate manager please contact support.



  • How to create a referral link?

    You can find instruction about how to create a referral link by the link?

  • Which traffic sources we accept / do not accept

    Do not accept:

    • mailer addressed from product, fraud, incentive traffic, telegram schemes, push, native, teasers, popunders, re-streams, cookie stuffing
    • Motivated. Any traffic, motivated by fraud schemes.
    • Mislead (knowingly false information about casino operating conditions, bonuses, etc.)
    • Traffic from any fake official pages in social networks and messengers, and pages that may be associated with the official ones (use of logos, official branding, appeals on behalf of the casino, etc.).
    • Players who are personally acquainted with a partner, his relatives, etc. It is also prohibited to play in the casino using partner’s own referral links.


    • prerolls,
    • branding,
    • Twitch,
    • YouTube,
    • Facebook,
    • Context Ads,
    • UAC,
    • ASO,
    • SEO

    If your traffic sources differ from above mentioned, please clarify the info regarding your traffic sources and Affiliate Program policy regarding it with your Affiliate manager before beginning the cooperation.

  • Which promo materials may be provided to a Partner?
    • Landings
    • Promocodes
    • Keywords
    • Visuals (banners, brandings, headers etc)
    • Reviews (RU, UA, EN, other lang – upon discussion)
    • APK
  • May I get additional players analytics?

    It may be provided as an exception and if there is a sufficient number of attracted players, as on a small sample the data will be irrelevant. Contact your affiliate manager for a request.

  • May I promote your products offline?

    Yes, if you will be able to attract players to online-projects from offline.

  • Our Media Partners

    You can find our media partners by the link

  • What is redirector and why do we need that?

    Redirector is needed to protect casino’s mirrors from blocks. Its aim is to maximally prolong the length of life of project’s mirrors. In fact, redirector redirects players to casino’s mirrors via more safe gateway. At the same time, moderators, bots and other inappropriate traffic are screened out.

  • Which GEOs are restricted / allowed

    You can find detailed info about our GEOs: here

  • How to order individual promo materials?

    To order individual promo materials please contact your Affiliate manager. Individual promo materials are:

    1. Visuals (banners, brandings, headers etc)
    2. Reviews (RU, UA, EN, other lang – upon discussion)
    3. prerolls
    4. promo codes
  • Can you do marketing research?

    It may be provided as an exception and if there is a sufficient number of attracted players, as on a small sample the data will be irrelevant. Contact your affiliate manager for a request.

  • Media Support and PR

    We increase brand awareness using display advertising, PR, participation in conferences, meetups. This increases brand awareness among players and improves the conversion rate of our offer.

  • Offline events where we can meet

    List of events, where we can meet is available by the link.


Technical Questions

  • Do you integrate CPA Networks?

    Yes, sure. We set up postbacks; we can also transfer custom parameters in postbacks in addition to basic parameters.

  • How long are cookies stored?

    30 days. We use the last cookie wins rule.

  • Which parameters can you transfer in postbacks?

    Default parameters are:

    • Click_ID – unique click identificator
    • Campaign_ID – identificator of advertisement campaign
    • Web_ID – identificator of a particular partner/buyer

    We can also set up custom parameters. To discuss it please contact your Affiliate manager.


Financial Questions

  • Payment methods for withdrawals from the Affiliate Program

    For your convenience we’ve prepared many ways to withdraw funds from our Affiliate Program. Just chose payment methods which is comfortable for you:

    1. WebMoney (WMZ)
    2. Bank Transfer (minimal withdrawal amount is 1000 EUR)
    3. Skrill (not available in Sweden and Russia)
    4. Neteller
    5. Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT)
    6. Capitalist
    7. EcoPayz

    Main currency is EUR. If you have any other currency in your wallet/account, the withdrawal amount will be calculated by the currency course of xe.com at the time of payout. In case of Cryptocurrencies will be used rates of CoinsPaid payment system.

    We cover all the comissions which appear on our side.

  • How to withdraw funds?

    You can find instruction about how to withdraw funds by the link

  • How to withdraw funds via Bank Transfer?

    You can find instruction about how to withdraw funds to bank account by the link

  • What Hold is?

    Hold is a period, during which we analyze quality of the traffic, which was attracted by partners with CPA or Hybrid payment models, and also additionally analyze it with an anti-fraud system. The first hold is 14 days, subsequent holds – 7 days since the moment of players qualification. The Affiliate Program reserves the right to prolong hold periods if needed. Confirmed leads will be paid according to the Affiliate Program payment periods, therefore, the actual hold period may differ from the stated above.

  • Minimal withdrawal amount

    50 EUR for wallets, 60 EUR for Cryptocurrencies and 1000 EUR for Bank Transfer

  • Payment periods. Deadlines for withdrawals from partner's accounts

    The payment period are particular calendar days of the month when we pay commissions to partners. Payment periods:

    • RevShare- once a month, from the 1st to the 5th day of each month
    • CPA – 2 times a month, from the 1st to the 5th day and from the 15th to the 20th day of each month.

    The actual date of crediting funds to your accounts may differ, because during the payment period we are sending money to the payment gateway.

  • How to change my payment requisites?

    You can find instruction about how to change your requisites by the link by the link

  • I didn't get my withdrawal. Why?

    Minimal withdrawal amount in CatAffs Affiliate Program is 50 EUR.

    If you have more than minimum withdrawal amount on your account, we recommend to check next points:

    We need to know your traffic sources before withdrawal. Depending on your traffic source you can send us links for your websites, screenshots of your advertisement cabinets etc.

    Withdrawal is available only if at least 5 players with FTD are attracted by a Partner.

    If you add new traffic sources or close old ones, please let us know about it.