Support of cats

Cats are great companions. Smart, independent, each with its own character. Unfortunately, many of them find themselves on the street to which they are not adapted. It’s cold and dangerous and hungry there. Cats get run over by cars, become victims of dogs, get sick. It’s good that there are caring people who take cats from the street, treat them, vaccinate them and put them in families, where cats can wallow on sofas as much as they want and not walk with soft paws through dirty puddles. In our affiliate program, we ourselves took our pets from shelters. Now they have a house, wool mice, beds, craft scratching posts and delicious food. They can even be capricious if they are tired of it and want a new one.

In short, cats are cool at home. We want to help those of them who have not found home yet. Alekseich, known in the affiliate community, is one of the founders of the animal shelter SchasSpasu. We trust him and want to support this cool initiative. If you also want to help cats (and dogs!) at the shelter, then by the link you can find the requisites for donations. You can also find more details there and even come visit. The shelter is located in Kyiv, but you can send money from any country. If you want to take a cat or dog, bring food or help at the shelter, then write directly to the telegram @alexxxeich. Any contribution you make is valuable!


Support the cats