How to withdraw funds via Bank Transfer?

First, you need to sign a standard contract (it is a requirement of the bank). To do this, contact your support manager ([email protected]).
It is important to enter the correct bank details (in English) in the “Wallet” section


The currency of bank payments is EUR. Then, be sure to contact support to confirm the correctness of the entered data. After receiving written confirmation you can request a payment by choosing “Bank Transfer” in the payment methods.

To receive a bank transfer, you must provide the financial manager ([email protected]) with a correctly formed invoice. Please note that no payment will be made without an invoice. What exactly should you pay attention to when filling out an invoice:

You have to provide your requisites in the next format:

  • Beneficiary name: /full company name/
  • Reg. Number: /reg number of the company/
  • Beneficiary address: /address of the company /
  • Beneficiary bank account# (IBAN): /account number in internation format/
  • Bank name: /full name of your bank/
  • Bank Address: /address of the bank branch where the account was openede/
  • SWIFT: /bank code/

Payment purpose you can state in the invoice — «Payment for attracted clients to the client-services platforms». If you need any other payment purpose, you have to state it in the invoice. After that our finance manager will check the possibility of payment with your payment purpose and we will provide you with info regarding it.

Invoice should be provided in English and in PDF format. If you have few accounts, you have to provide us with separate invoices for each account. Payment amount should be in EUR.

If you cannot create an invoice template by yourself, please let us know and we will send you a standard invoice template in word document. You will need to fill in your numbers and requisites.

We pay the invoice. All commissions, which we can technically pay, are on us.

Please bear in mind that we pay only in EUR. If you have an account in USD, funds will be converted on the side of the bank.